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Talking survival for online publishers

Is the subscription model, as the only payed income source, the guarantee of viability?

Richard Fletcher

Paying for News and the Limits of Subscription
Reuters Institute

Richard Fletcher — Research Fellow

Fact: only a very small fraction of potential readers who come across content will go through the subscription process when presented with a traditional paywall.

Accessing great content

Paperview enables a new level of frictionless user experience

Paperview works as a cross-Publisher e-commerce system.


For Readers, a low friction, low cost, cashless/cardless, one click sale flow.


Very low cost, perceived as almost free by Readers. Great value for money.


For Readers, immediate desire satisfaction. One click impulse reading.

Risk free

Free to enroll and setup. Shared revenue/risk model for Publishers.


Extremely simple adoption. Enrollment and integration in minutes.


Fully compatible with preexisting revenue systems, like subscriptions and ads.

Feature 1

Paperview, for Publishers

A business platform designed for all online Publishers regardless of scale.

  • Free one step immediate account creation.
  • Real-time control over content pricing.
  • Content sales by article, edition, vertical subscriptions and bundles.
  • Full control over third party distribution.
  • Comprehensive industry-wide live business intelligence.
  • Out of the box compatibility with major Publishing tools.

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Feature 2

Paperview, for content Resellers

No one is left out. Paperview supports all parties, namely Aggregators, Clipping, Social Media and even Influencers.

  • Free one step immediate account creation.
  • Individual contracting with publishers.
  • Autonomous revenue stream.
  • Comprehensive industry-wide live business intelligence.
  • Out of the box compatibility with major content management tools.

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Feature 3

myPaperview for Readers, one wallet, a world of valuable content

Paperview allows consumers to seamlessly access affordable protected content from a variety of Publishers using a single payment method.

  • Free one step immediate anonymous account creation.
  • Total privacy protection.
  • Perks, discounts and gamification options.
  • Comprehensive usage statistics.

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Converting visitors into paying Readers

Paperview offers a novel way to charge for protected content.

A new business model.

Business model example

example values

Article - NEW!


per article
  • Pay once
  • Unlimited access to purchased content
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Edition, bundle - NEW!

per bundle
  • Pay once
  • Access to all content in edition, bundle, vertical
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Vertical subscription - NEW!


theme per time
  • Pay once/Recursive
  • access to subject for the duration of subscription
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Single sign-on

One Reader wallet, any adhering Publication, several currencies.


Reader's identity is protected. Anonymous reading, no profiling.


The simplest usage experience. New wallets pre-loaded to allow immediate use.*

Paperview significantly reduces friction for consumers.

Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

Is the Reader account really anonymous?

Yes! There is no way a Reader username can be traced to a real-world identity. Even wallet loading operations are sanitized so the money can’t be followed.

What is the cost of creating an account?

Zero. Creating a Paperview account as a Reader, as a Publisher and as a Reseller is completely free. There are no setup fees and no maintenance fees either.

How do I load my wallet?

Go to myPaperview.com, login and select the option “load wallet”. Define an amount and select a payment method. From then on, it’s pretty much the usual stuff.

What is the cost of reading an article?

The value of content is set by its Publisher. It will vary depending on its target audience like technical publications, or its temporary value like exclusives, for instance.

What is the Influencer program?

Some people lead the way when they share content, in social media for example. Some Publishers reward these opinion leaders. Anyone can be an Influencer, for free.

What is the role of Aggregators?

Aggregators are a valuable part of content’s lifecycle. Aggregators, or Resellers in Paperview, have a pallet of tools to work with Publishers adding value to content.

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